Saturday, January 22, 2011

Retin-A Micro 1.0%

I recently scrounged up enough money to refill my Retin-A Micro prescription. I LOVE this product! According to my dermatologist, it is the best thing out there for wrinkles. Retin-A works by increasing cell turnover, sloughing of the dead skin cells to reveal the rejuvenated, fresher-looking skin beneath.

Due to financial reasons, I was off my prescription for about six months and could definitely tell a difference. My skin looked older and duller. I am thrilled to be back on Retin-A and would highly recommend it to anyone fighting the aging battle. Just be sure to brace yourself and pad your checking account before purchasing it because it does not come cheap! Oh, and one word of warning, be sure to wear lots of sunscreen when using this product because the new skin is like baby's skin, very sensitive to the sun.

A Shopping Expedition

Last Saturday my daughter, my sister, and I went on a little shopping expedition to St. George. My first stop-DownEast Basics. Oh how I love that store!

I needed to return the Florist Top. I had ordered it online, but it seemed a little snug. I tried on a larger size, but it still didn't look quite right. I returned it.

I also had high hopes for the Statuesque Top, but it too failed to live up to my expectations. In person it was short and boxy rather than long and regal. I passed it up.

Fortunately, the Sparkle Stem top, surpassed my expectations. The color and style are actually much nicer in person. I sized up in order to get a looser look. The one drawback is that it is handwash only. Ugh!! I usually ignore handwash only labels and machine wash anyways. However, I don't think the sequins on this top could survive the machine. Despite the lousy washing requirments, I bought this top anyways because it is super cute.

I also purchased the cravat tee. I love the style and the color is a little more green and less gray than it looks in the picture. I adore the style and can't wait to wear it!

I also bought the Decorator Tee. Love, love, love the color!

I also tried on The Hot Shot jeans and really liked them. I figured I was spending enough money though and decided to wait to buy them another time.

Themes of The Greatest Generation

Last night I finished reading The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw. The book told the stories of many individuals who served in World War II or whose lives were otherwise influenced by it. The themes that stood out most to me were those of hard-work, responsibility, courage, and marital commitment.

I worry that I do not live up to the high standards they set. I don't know if I could rise to the occasion and bravely meet the challenges that they did. I hope I could. I hope my children could. I suppose I'll never know for sure. But I do feel inspired to improve myself in each of those four areas so that I can reach a higher standard.

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Here it is January 7th and I still haven't come up with a New Year's Resolution. I'm having trouble narrowing my focus to just one goal. This year I may just choose a word or scripture to use as as a guide rather than choosing a specific goal. Hopefully, I can make up my mind soon, so I can get to work accomplishing great things.

Luke Two

I forgot to mention that I read Luke Two, thus completing my Christmas reading list. I had saved it for last because I wanted to read it with my family just a few days before Christmas. I had hoped they would feel the spirit and have a special experience, reminding them what Christmas is really all about. Unfortunately, the experience was not the sacred and spiritual one I had hoped for. The children fought, joked, and paid little attention to the story. I was pretty upset!!! :-(

Down East Basics

Down EastBasics is my new favorite store. I love their clothing!!! They offer fun, feminine apparel at affordable prices. DownEast Basics offers, "Anthropology clothing at Target Prices." I've always adored the clothes at Anthropology, but hated the prices, so shopping at DownEast Basics gives me a less expensive alternative. Here are some of my latest DownEast clothing obsessions:

Florist Top

Statuesque Top

Sparkle Stem Top

Blossom Bag

Flowers Edge Bag

Blush Stone Necklace

Bouquet Bracelet

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Greatest Generation

I recently began reading the book The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw. Although I have just read the first few chapters, I am already feeling inspired to reach new heights. Can't wait to read more!